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ProLux is a Dulwich based professional carpet cleaning company, a leading provider of steam cleaning services in South-East London. We make use of industrial carpet cleaning equipment and high quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our technicians are well-trained and certified cleaning experts with many years of experience.

Thanks to our advanced carpet cleaning techniques, stain removal has never been an easier task. We can effectively and consistently remove stains from all sorts of origins - wine, coffee, tea and chocolate. With us, the original colours of your carpets and rugs will be preserved, and all germs and bacteria - removed.

Why choose ProLux?

  • All our professional cleaners are highly trained and fully insured
  • We deal with all types of dirty carpets and rugs
  • Award-winning customer service team
  • 100% eco-friendly cleaning process
  • Expert smell and stain removal services

ProLux is a proud partner of many Dulwich SE21 businesses and the first choice of thousands of residential customers in the area. Our services are available every day of the year, including Saturdays and Sundays, with no extra fees. We even work on Bank Holidays, so in case of an emergency, a professional cleaner will always be around.

We are the cleaners you can trust

All ProLux technicians are individually selected and work only for us. For them, no job is too big or too small, because every client matters. They want to be able to put a smile on your face and make you come back next year. That's achieved through the thorough treatment of every single carpet problem, regardless of the age or origin of the issue. Because it's not about just leaving the carpet wet, it's about bringing it back to its original condition! 

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Receive the best care for your carpets

Cleaning your carpets at home with a hoover at least once a week is recommended by all experts. When you have messy children and pets, however, you should consider having professional carpet cleaning services. Experienced carpet cleaning technicians, such as ours, will bring new life into your carpets and tackle all existing stains and smells.

What to expect from our expert once he arrives?

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Our carpet cleaner will firstly determine the carpet type and pinpoint the obvious and not so obvious problems over it. The most appropriate pressure and water temperature settings will then be selected depending on what is established.

The carpet will then be hoovered in order to remove the surface layer of debris. Sometimes, dirt and dust particles to remain, but they will later be dissolved by our high pressure steam cleaning machine.

Next is the application of an eco-friendly pre-spray cleaning product by ProChem. It allows for better stain removal results to be achieved by the actual steam cleaning process, which follows shortly after. While we wait for the solution to fully react with the stains, the steam machine will be filled up with water.

Then, under very high pressure, hot steam is sprayed deep into the carpet fibres. Old stains will be removed, unpleasant odour tackled, and the remaining dirt and dust - extracted.

Assuming the customer requests it, Stain Protection will now be applied to the carpet surface. This layer of spray prolongs the service life of your carpets and helps prevent future staining. It stays there for roughly a year and is completely harmless and eco-friendly.

At this point, all that's left to do is to leave the carpet to dry out, which normally takes between 2-4 hours. Ventilate well or turn on the heating in the respective rooms to speed things up.

We have the needed tools and knowledge to clean all carpet types

Regardless what type of carpet you have, the ProLux representative will be able to clean it. We efficiently clean natural carpets such as wool and silk, and synthetic ones like nylon and polyester. Low piled, high piled - it doesn't matter, the cleaning will be done with appropriate products and machine settings. 

Carpet cleaning near Dulwich

ProLux cleaning services are not limited to just Dulwich - we also cover all of South East London. Many of our regular customers reside in: Lewisham, Crystal Palace, Herne Hill, Denmark Hill, Camberwell, Catford, Brixton, Beckenham and more. We operate 24/7, even on weekends and bank holidays - because accidents don't just happen Monday to Friday. If you have a specific issue, which needs special attention from an expert or if you simply need a quick spruce up, we are the people for the job!


Dry cleaning utilizes powerful detergents and a minimal amount of moisture. This cleaning process allows for the carpet to be used straight away, saving you precious time.

Top Rated Technicians

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Dulwich?

Carpet CleaningPrices
Single bedroom£20
Double bedroom£25
Living roomfrom £30
Dining room£25
Hallwayfrom £10
Staircase (maximum 16 steps)£25
Landingfrom £5
Commercial Carpet Cleaning£1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Steam cleaning does leave the carpets disinfected, but it's not a permanent solution to this problem.

Yes, all ProLux professional cleaners are fully insured and certified.

Most of our clients prefer paying by cash and by card over the phone. Of course, BACS payments are also an acceptable payment method.

Yes, we are one of the more branched out cleaning companies. We are specialised and experienced in providing carpet, upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaning services.


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