Hot water extraction method by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Teddington

Looking for Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Teddington?

Prolux carpet cleaning Teddington based firm offers exceptional services for cleaning carpets from any materials: synthetic, woolen, silk, acrylic, viscose, carpets from cotton. Carpet washing is carried out with specialized machines for industrial washing, working with safe for the health of children, adults, as well as animals, environmentally friendly products. Professional carpet cleaning detergents are selected individually based on the material and structure of the carpet.

Why Clients Choose Our Cleaning Services?

  • The most reasonable carpet cleaning prices for Teddington;

  • We use technologically advanced carpet washing processes;

  • We offer the best Environmental cleaners – Prochem;

  • We guarantee the quality and cleanliness of carpet washing;

  • We provide the highest professionalism and service

Why Do I Need to Wash Carpets?

Carpet Cleaning TeddingtonCarpet and area rugs is a floor covering designed to make the room comfortable, warm and beautiful. But in the process of its use, we trample dust, debris and dirt deep between the carpet fibers and no vacuum cleaner in the world is able to clean this coating so qualitatively that the product retains its former appearance for a long time. In a few years, the carpet, turning into a dust collection, will begin to "decorate" your room with various stains and will not give you the comfort you expect.

In addition, the accumulation of dust and dirt particles deep in the tissues creates a beneficial environment for the occurrence and dwelling of dust mites - microscopic insects being one of the most common causes of asthma and household allergies.

Ticks feed on the smallest, almost invisible pieces of skin that a person loses daily. As gratitude, they leave in their beds, in soft furniture, in carpets waste of their vital activity (excrement), the size of which is negligible, which allows them to easily climb into the air at the slightest movement. These micro particles are the main allergen for humans.

If your carpet has lost its initial beautiful colors, it's time to take care of it and arrange a good dry carpet cleaning Teddington. In a modern big city, one of the main problems is the abundance of dust and pollution. It becomes relevant for domestic carpeting.

People bring dust and dirt home every day on clothes and shoes, they settle in the fibers of the carpet. There is a false assumption that dirt from the carpet can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or even a broom, this idea is harmful - only professional Prolux dry carpet cleaners can save it from traces of street dirt and dust, protect a person from future respiratory problems improve well-being, mood, and quality of life.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Who Can Benefit from Our Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning Teddington service is always a good idea, especially if there are small children, animals, allergies at home. Even if you just care about yourself, our service will come in handy.

Dry cleaning and professional carpet washing service is provided for floor coverings in the home or office in Teddington. There are several things that people are more concerned about when it comes to cleaning the flooring in the office or at home. This is the price of the carpet cleaning Teddington service and the potential inconveniences that may arise.

Also they are interested in what method will be use for carpet cleaning, so that they won’t have to stay on the wet floor; what products will be used in the carpet cleaning procedure – are they safe for their health, etc. Moreover, they are concerned how much washing is necessary, whether it is necessary to experience similar inconveniences if the carpet looks clean. Such thoughts usually postpone the appeal to professionals until the moment when the carpet becomes a real source of problems in the apartment.

Advantages of Deep Carpet Cleaning in Teddington

Regular maintenance of floor coverings allows:

  • Small children play on a clean and safe carpet or area rug;

  • Prevent the multiplication of pathogens, especially dust mites, and therefore avoid the occurrence of allergies in adults or children;

  • Effectively remove all kinds of stains and dirt;

  • Get rid of the pet hair, which settles on the carpet or carpet;

  • Maintain the original color, appearance and performance of the product;

  • Eliminate odors, including the smell of animals.

To get a high-quality result of cleaning carpets it is necessary to entrust the work to specialists.

Our carpet cleaning company has long been providing top quality carpet cleaning services in Teddington. We produce carpet dry cleaning at home for carpets of various materials - natural and synthetic.

Many years of experience in the provision of services in this area, the use of specialized equipment and supplies of leading world manufacturers, as well as the high qualification of employees, allows us to guarantee the impeccable quality of dry cleaning of carpets and area rugs in Teddington.

What Includes the Procedure of Dry Carpet Cleaning Teddington?

  • cleaning the surface of carpet or area rug from dry dirt and dust;

  • treatment of spots, problem areas and areas with an unpleasant odor;

  • applying to the entire surface of a special active cleaning agent, which penetrates into the carpet dissolves and raises all the dirt;

  • the main stage - deep vacuum cleaning, which provides an effective dry cleaning of the carpet or area rug. Powerful professional extractors are used;

  • washing of the coating;

  • antibacterial treatment;

  • vacuum drying of the surface.

Important!!! During dry cleaning, all moisture falls only on the carpet - the coating, on which the product lies, remains completely dry. When using professional equipment in the carpet, there is a minimum amount of moisture that does not adversely affect the floor covering.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Teddington

Steam carpet cleaning is an outstanding method for deep cleaning your carpet or area rug that removes dirt not only from the carpet’s surface but also cleans the carpet in depth. The greatest advantage of this method is that it does not involve the use of any chemicals. The power of steam is sufficient for leaving the carpet in perfect condition, free of stains and bacteria. Steam cleaning is very popular technique for cleaning not only the carpets, but also your upholstered furniture, curtains, tiles, etc.

In fact, the service comes at very decent price and the result is impressive: there is not a speck left on the carpet! Cleaning with steam is cleaning with hot water, which is supplied by a special apparatus under high pressure to the carpet, and then absorbed back. That’s why this method is also called hot water extraction method.

After this procedure, there is no sediment. High pressure and powerful suction make it possible to clean the carpet very deeply. Increased temperature increases the reactivity of chemistry by an order of magnitude. In the process of working, the temperature reaches a mark of 65 or more degrees. In addition, this carpet cleaning method allows you not only to remove all the dirt, but also to destroy harmful microorganisms: various fungi, bacteria, mites and mold.

Hot water extraction method by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Teddington
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Anti-static treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Teddington
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Deodorizing and Scotchgard protection by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Teddington
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Wyatt Dillon

After I read so many negative opinions in forums about carpet cleaning companies, I was about to give up even trying this service. Actually, in some forums people claimed that there are fake positive feedbacks about cleaning firms. I started taking care for my carpets on my own but it was really unpleasant duty for me. I didn’t have time for this and I wasn’t experienced, so my carpets remained full of stains.

So I had to make the decision – to buy new carpets or to test carpet cleaning services. Prolux Carpet Cleaning was the company which I chose for this procedure, probably because of the easy booking form. Scheduling a cleaning service took me not more than 5 minutes. The woman on the phone was very polite and made me feel more comfortable about the idea of using carpet cleaning service.

Well, Prolux Carpet Cleaning was definitely the right choice! In less than 3 hours they restored all my carpets at home, giving them a fresh new look! Excellent job!

Giovanny Payne

I, like many other people, was looking for top quality cleaning service at the lowest possible prices in Teddington. It took me some time to find Prolux which services were rated as the number one in Teddington. Of course, their procedures cannot be characterized as the lowest in this area. However, they were relatively affordable for my budget and I decided to schedule one cleaning service to see will there be a dramatic difference in the condition of my carpets.

My carpets have never been professionally cleaned till that moment. I spent a lot of time and energy in their maintenance but after all, they looked wasted. There were several coffee stains on the surface and also their color was changed. They weren’t bright and fresh as I wanted them to be.

Prolux specialists told me that it is recommended to order dry carpet cleaning service at least once on every six months. That would prolong the life of my carpets! Also, that would be especially helpful as a protection of my children who love playing on the carpets in the cold winter days.

After the cleaning procedure my carpets were totally changed! Not only the stains were gone, but also they looked very bright and smelled pleasant. There were no remains from the preparation on the carpet, left after the procedure. I mention this because while I was choosing the cleaning company, I read many opinions about other cleaning companies. Sometimes people were complaining that after they carpets dry completely, they see circles from the used chemicals. None of this happened with Prolux cleaning! I am very satisfied by their top quality performance!

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