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Which is the Best Method for Carpet Cleaning Upminster?

Prolux carpet cleaning Upminster based company is the most highly trusted provider of cleaning services in the area. We are equipped with industrial equipment and safe preparations which help us achieve amazing results in each procedure.

Any cleaning of your house will be incomplete without cleaning carpets and soft floor coverings. Such surfaces are able to accumulate dust and dirt, but they are difficult to clean using conventional means. Even powerful household vacuum cleaners are not able to clean these coatings with high quality. There is only one way out - to entrust the cleaning of carpets to the carpet cleaning Upminster based company “Prolux”.

Professional equipment and special chemicals used in the work, perfectly cope with the fibrous structure of carpets. Getting deep inside, active components not only relieve coverings and carpets from dust, old stains, dangerous microorganisms, but also return them softness, brightness of shades and natural shine. Professional carpet cleaning significantly extends the life of these coatings.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Upminster – Step by Step Process

  • Pre-treatment, removal of accumulations of dust, stains, cleaning of heavily contaminated places with a stain remover
  • Basic mechanical treatment of the flooring with extractor and/or rotary machines that remove dirt from the inner layers of the coating.
  • Carpet cleaning, residue removal, pollution, collection of cleaning solution residues with an extractor
  • Drying the carpet

Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – Eco- Friendly Method of Cleaning in Upminster

carpet cleaning UpminsterOne of the most widely used methods our customers from Upminster benefit from is steam cleaning. This method became popular as hot water extraction and is recommended by carpet manufacturers. This technique cleans the toughest stains and dirt and simultaneously the carpet is disinfected.

For eco-cleaning of furniture and carpets using steam, no harmful chemicals are used. The heated moisture under pressure is fed inside, washes away dust, and dirty water is sucked back into the extractor - everything is safe and environmentally friendly. Compared to dry cleaning, steam cannot remove all types of stains; imperceptible stains can remain, because water without solvents cannot decompose certain types of organic substances. However, steam cleaning is the preferred cleaning method when it comes to deep carpet cleaning. It kills all the living microorganisms on the carpet and refreshes it perfectly. Hot water extraction method revives the carpet’s colors without the use of harmful preparations.

High-temperature steam cleaning is recommended for kindergartens, schools, hospitals, homes in Upminster where people with asthma and allergies live, or just people who care about the environment and take care of their health.

Steam cleaning will exceed your expectations. Dry steam will clean up things you've been avoiding cleaning for years. From bathrooms and cellars, to carpets, electrical appliances, ovens and even the grill of your barbecue – everything can be cleaned with steam.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Upminster

The dry method of carpet cleaning means that you have to give up all the liquid detergents that we used to use. Instead, a small amount of liquid is still used, leaving, however, the carpet dry. The essence of the process of dry carpet cleaning is to use a common, familiar sponge. It is used in a special dry cleaner, which is used to clean the dirty surface of the carpet, with the preliminary application of a few drops of a special liquid, like a gel. This fluid can cope with any kind of dirt, regardless of whether it is organic or a chemical compound.

After applying the liquid cleaner should be slightly wet with water or a weak solvent, preferably environmentally friendly. To dry the carpet, it is sufficient to treat the carpet pile with a slightly moistened cleaner, which will remain dry, despite the presence of a small amount of liquid in the cleaning process.

Here is a simple explanation of dry carpet cleaning process: it all starts with a special liquid and water or solvent that is applied to the sponge cleaner. Next, the cleaning fluid is rubbed into the pile of the carpet. A dry carpet cleaning machine based on the use of a sponge cleaner is used for the purpose. For deep penetration of fluid into the basis of the carpet, the nozzle of the machine includes brushes moving according to the counter-rotation principle.

The last step of dry powder washing is the vacuum treatment of the carpet, by means of which the pile is cleaned of the liquid that has penetrated deep into it and the dirt dissolved by it. In this way, it is best to use those who own rare silk or woolen carpets, as well as owners of expensive handmade carpets made from natural fibers.

best carpet steam cleaner by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Upminster
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Anti-static treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Upminster
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Vacuuming and dusting by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Upminster
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Paul S. Chang

I am writing this review about ProLux Carpet Cleaning because I love those guys!

In case you need a real, professional help with your carpets – ProLux Carpet Cleaning is the company to call! Let me tell you about my experience with them and why I’m such a ProLux fan!

It all started as something usual – an end-of-tenancy cleaning for my Hounslow flat – I was moving to my own property now and I had to make the old flat like brand new – according to my contract with the estate agency. They’ve recommended a carpet cleaning service that costed me a lot of money and a lot of nerve-wrecking hours – first of all they charged a small fortune for cleaning just a bedroom, hallway and a living room carpets and second – there was absolutely no difference after the cleaning was completed – all the stains and dirty areas were exactly the same as before – very disappointing! Since the agency wanted to charge me for replacing the carpets, I decided to try another carpet cleaning company – this time I looked for it. The first name that came out from my online search was ProLux Carpet Cleaning. I called their office and explained the whole situation – about the stains, dirt and the unsuccessful attempt for cleaning them. The girl on the other side of the phone required a couple of photos, so she could consult with her manager about the possible results. After a few emails were exchanged, we arranged an appointment – one of ProLux Carpet Cleaning’s specialists was about to come and visit my flat and do a test sample, so he could show me what should I expect. On the appointed date and time, one very warm and friendly young guy arrived with his van and introduced himself as a carpet cleaning specialist from ProLux Carpet Cleaning. He then got all his equipment out, I showed him the carpets and he started doing a test sample for me on the dirtiest area of the carpet – the entrance hallway. After a few minutes in he was working his magic, I returned to see what the result was – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – a totally spotless piece of carpet, surrounded by the rest of the dirty carpet! I told the guy to proceed with the rest of the carpets and I went shopping with my wife. After an hour I returned to check how everything was going – for my astonishment, I found the cleaner outside my flat, already finished and having a coffee! I asked him what happened – he told me to take a look my self – I found a flat that was with a carpet so clean, that it looked like it was just installed – smelling of perfume and with not a single stain left! So just to let you know – If you needed a real, professional carpet cleaning help – look no further – call ProLux Carpet Cleaning and you don’t need to do anything else – those guys are the best and I am using them in my new house now!


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