Bonnet carpet cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning, which was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The method is essentially a carpet adapted version of hard surface spray buffing. While not so popular today, bonnet carpet was widely used by professional cleaning companies some time ago. Today, bonnet cleaning is mostly used by cleaning staff of hospitals, schools and shopping malls.

What is a bonnet machine?

A bonnet machine has a rotary floor buffer, which moves in circular motions to loosen and remove dirt from the carpet. The actual cleaning element is a pad, which can be a soft absorbing one, or a brush one. The best possible results are achieved through the use of brush and soft pads. Upon usage of a pad, it must be rinsed and dried in order to be re-used.

What is carpet bonnet cleaning

How is bonnet carpet cleaning performed?

  1. The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dirt, dust and debris particles.
  2. Stains are individually treated with adequate cleaning solutions, depending on the stain type and carpet material. The use of a stiff or a soft brush is also necessary. The importance of this step is huge, which is why you need the help of professionals.
  3. A spray pump is used to pre-treat the carpet. This loosens any remaining dirt particles and stains. It's advisable to not overwet the carpet, as that can result in a sticky residue.
  4. If needed, additional cleaning products are added into the machine's water tank.
  5. Bonnet carpet cleaning with a soft or stiff brush pad, depending on the type of carpet. Delicate carpets, such as wool and cotton, for example, cannot be cleaned with a stiff brush pad.
  6. Replacement of the brush pad with a soft pad, ideally a microfibre one. Microfibre pads have a better time penetrating cracks and crevasses as opposed to cotton one. They are able to entrap significantly more dirt as well.
  7. Removal of the cleaning product reside with a hoover.

Some veteran state that the best results are achieved through the use of bonnet cleaning and the hot water extraction method. In essence, instead of vacuuming the residue with a hoover, it's removed through the use of a carpet extraction steamer. By doing this, the carpet is left clean not just on the surface, but from deeply inside as well.

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Carpet bonnet cleaning

What are the advantages of bonnet carpet cleaning?

  • Fast drying

This is by far the biggest selling point of bonnet carpet cleaning. Big offices, schools or hospitals greatly benefit from this perk. The average drying time after bonnet carpet cleaning takes 30 minutes, compared to 2 to 4 hours after hot water extraction cleaning.

  • Lower cost

Due to how quickly bonnet carpet cleaning is performed and how inexpensive bonnet machines are, the service is also affordable. This allows for more carpet cleaning procedures to be performed over the course of a calendar year. As you can imagine, the ability to have the carpet cleaned on a monthly basis as opposed to an annual one, can be a key selling point.

Bonnet cleaning

What are the disadvantages of bonnet carpet cleaning?

  • Pile deformation and damage

It is known that some carpet types are prone to wear and potentially even damage when cleaned with a bonnet machine regularly. This is indeed the method's biggest flaw as it outweighs its pros substantially. Carpets are a big investment for homeowners and businesses, and their car should not be taken lightly. It's extremely important to be aware of the suitable carpet cleaning methods of your carpet prior to making a purchase.

  • Not a deep cleaning method

Another flaw of bonnet carpet cleaning is its inability to leave the carpet disinfected. To be more specific, bonnet machines are only able to clean the carpet's surface, pushing the dirt further into the carpet piles. At first sight, the carpet may appear clean, but in reality that's not really the case.

  • Low chances of stain removal

While the method is able to deal with some stains, it's definitely not as successful as steam extraction cleaning. The issues which is generally able to remove are dirt marks and recent food stains.

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In conclusion

Bonnet carpet cleaning can be ideal for those with a limited budget on maintenance. The specific carpet, however, must be strong enough to withstand the monthly cleaning sessions. It's a great method for busy places, due to the speed with which the method is performed and the quick drying time as well. Its inexpensive cost also allows for more frequent care.

Some cleaning experts have learned that exceptional results can be achieved through the combination of steam extraction and bonnet carpet cleaning. Of course, this would require the use of two kinds of gear, but the results would be worth it.