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Carpet cleaning London is a well-known name in the field of cleaning services. Our portable cleaning tools for the carpet as well as the rug expert cleaning are considered as one of the best in London. Most of the people are likely to go for our service because of the quality we provide.

Welcome to the Prolux Cleaning in London!

Carpet Cleaning LondonIf you are looking for the expert cleaning services in London then you should call Prolux Carpet Cleaning London. We will provide various services for commercial as well as private customers in all London areas – North London, East London, South London,West London and Central London!

All the workers of the Prolux are known to be very skilled, qualified, and professional. In case you want to receive a high quality treatment for your carpets or rugs, just call us! Customer's satisfaction is considered as first and foremost priority to us. Prolux Carpet Cleaning London is regarded as one of the most trusted brands in Greater London. If you choose us then you will be benefitted in many ways. Your carpets need consistent care. Our experienced employees are there to wash and take care of them!

Did you know that it is highly possible to get unwell, because of the bacteria and dust locked in the carpets of your home or office? Long term exposure to those pollutants may lead to problems, especially if you suffer from asthma or you have small children. If you want this problem to be resolved in the best and cheapest manner, just contact our 24/7 call centre – the fastest way to arrange an appointment. We operate all year around, even on Bank Holidays on Weekends!


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Hot water Extraction provided by Prolux Carpet Cleaning London

The hot water extraction process is considered the most effective way to clean rugs and carpets. Our clients range from home owners to hospitals, hotels, airports, nurseries, restaurants, pubs even rug dealerships! We use only the best equipment – Prochem and Ninja. This allows our cleaning specialists to deal with all kinds of stains – chocolate, tea, coffee, body fluids, and even old bubble gum!

Everyone knows that walking barefoot is beneficial for both children and adults. And on the carpet not only is it useful, but also nice. The main thing is that the carpet should be clean, because if it is full of dirt and microbes, it can harm the health of the residents. The main dust and debris from the carpet can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. But only the outer layer of the pile is cleaned, and in the depth of the carpet there is still dirt. For more thorough cleaning, you need professional carpet cleaning, which can be provided by Prolux Carpet Cleaning, after which on the carpet will not only have spots, but also pathogenic microorganisms, and the pile will acquire the original appearance. Let's take a look at the most popular carpet cleaning method – hot water extraction method.

Hot water extraction method works by injecting a hot detergent solution under pressure. Pre-treatment of heavily soiled parts of the carpet increases the effectiveness of this method. How does steam clean? The water is heated to boiling in a container, where it turns into steam. Detergents are added to the water when the carpet is particularly dirty. The dirt sticks to the carpet. The moisture dilutes the dirt, after which it is easier to remove. With the help of a hose the steam gets into the interior of the carpet. Garbage and dirt together with the steam immediately gets back into the tank.

Hot water extraction method is rated as the best method for deep carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is economical due to its high productivity and is recommended by most carpet manufacturers as the most effective cleaning method. High temperature and strong water jets will clean the carpet from any debris and dust, and also remove any residual smells that the carpet can hold. The ability of steam to kill microorganisms can also prolong the life of the carpet. Heat destroys most microbes, bacteria, dust mites, fungi and other microscopic organisms that can live in a carpet. This makes steam cleaning especially useful for people with allergies.

Professional Services by Prolux Carpet Cleaning London.

We are here to provide our customers with nothing but the best cleaning services! When you arrange an appointment with us, you can expect:

  • Allergens removal- pet fur, dust etc.
  • Complete stain removal
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Bacteria elimination- use of the efficient sanitizers
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Better comfort-softer, better looking carpet

We are happy to bring the carpet back to its prior state.

We, with our experienced cleaners are there to help you efficiently get rid of spots from your rugs.

We have been serving all London areas for more than 8 years. Our mobile teams will happily clean wide range of the carpets, textile and leather. Our company have been offering services to many residential and commercial customers, such as, shopping malls, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, office parks, hotels, movie theatres etc. We know how to maintain a carpet-domestic or commercial grade, no matter what the state is. We have only one goal – to exceed your expectations!

We, at Prolux Carpet Cleaning London, do not choose our jobs – there isn’t a task too big, or too complicated for us! Our professional cleaners are very experienced, competent and motivated. Apart from this, with the help of some of the newest techniques, procedures and tools, our specialists can guarantee a perfect final result!

In our experience and professionalism, we have earned our partner’s respect - with dedication and determination. We are always there to deliver kind, efficient and reasonably priced services in all London areas!

ProLUX Dry Carpet Cleaning London

Steam carpet cleaning method is an excellent way to combat pollution. But it is not suitable for all types of carpeted floorings. For example, carpets made from natural fibers are not suitable for contact with water. In this case, dry carpet cleaning is an alternative method.

Dry carpet cleaning is also often called powdered cleaning because of the appearance of the cleaner. The detergent composition is really similar to the powder, but in fact it consists of millions of micro-jaws. Small sponges are impregnated with a special compound that dissolves any dirt: both oily and greasy.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry carpet cleaning

An unconditional advantage of the method of dry carpet cleaning is a low degree of moisture of the product being cleaned: if the technology is observed, it does not exceed 5-10%. This means that when using this technique, deformations, "shrinkage", discoloration or the appearance of divorces are excluded. In a word, such cleaning will suit all those products that require a delicate approach: handmade carpets, silk carpets, homespun coat of wool and even antique carpets.

However, there is a reverse side of the coin when it comes to dry carpet cleaning – it is not as effective as steam carpet cleaning. In dry carpet cleaning the product is not cleaned completely. Dry carpet cleaning cannot clean the carpets in depth and kill all the bacteria. Therefore dry carpet cleaning is only suitable for not heavily soiled products. If there are spots on the carpet, a combined method is possible: general dry cleaning and treatment of local contaminants with stain removers.

Dry carpet cleaning technology

1. Processing the carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaner can remove dust and loose dirt.
2. Applying to the carpet conditioner in the form of a spray for 10-15 minutes.
3. Uniform distribution of dry cleaner throughout the entire area of ​​the carpet.
4. "Driving" the powder into the nap with a special apparatus for dry cleaning, equipped with two brushes, rotating towards each other.
5. Remove the "spent" cleaner with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
6. Removal of stains by stain removers.

PROLUX Carpet Washing in London: Professional Rug care Services

Prolux Carpet Cleaning London is a dedicated cleaning service provider, regarded as one of the best in the whole of London. Our mobile professional teams will always bring our clients quality cleansing at the best rates possible! Not only this, we are really grateful that we have developed a long term relationship with most of the satisfied customers.

Please Note: As all companies, we have a minimum charge per visit - £50. All our prices are total – including ALL TAXES. We operate in all Greater London areas, our customer service centre is opened 24/7. We even work on Bank Holidays! In addition to your cleaning service price, the parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Stain removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Scotchguard stain protection by Prolux Carpet Cleaning London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Rotary shampoo treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hi everyone! I wanted to write for so long, to tell you how good ProLux Cleaning are in everything they do. I’ve never thought about using cleaning services, but it came along eventually. I hosted a party after Valentine's Day, it was successful and actually pretty good. But red wine and lots of rose petals were involved so the result wasn't good at all. The rose petals left many red stains on my carpets and red wine was all over my sofa. So I've decided to call someone because the stains wouldn't get out. I searched on-line and ProLux Cleaning was the most trustful I guessed. Called them, spoke a while with a very friendly lady and we made an appointment. A man came the next day, I showed him the damaged areas and left him to do his magic. And believe me, it was really magic. I was so surprised, couldn’t believe my eyes! When I got home I was wondering if this was my house. The man made all the stains gone. My sofa and carpets were like new! Didn’t expect that! No sign of dirt to anything else on them. They looked like from a "fine living" magazine. I will definitely use ProLux Cleaning again, and recommending them to everyone. Quick, professional and cheap, this is what they are and what they do! Thank you once again ProLux Cleaning for everything!

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