In terms of professional steam carpet cleaning in London, you can rely on the top rated carpet cleaning company ProLux. Based in North London, our mobile teams cover all London areas, as well as partially external ones. We work 7 days a week, even on bank holidays, and we can clean all types of carpets.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians with certificates, insurance and over 15 years of experience will perform the service. We clean the carpets of residential and business clients, and have thousands of loyal customers who highly recommend us online. Our goal is to provide top quality carpet and rug cleaning services at competitive prices.

Our company offers the best carpet cleaning method available, and great results are guaranteed. Hot water extraction with a commercial carpet cleaning machine is the best way to provide professional carpet cleaning services. The method is suitable for office and home carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture, and is done with eco-friendly products.

Choose a professional carpet cleaning company to receive:

  • Hot water extraction cleaning with industrial machines;
  • Fully insured, certified and experienced carpet technicians;
  • Harmless, child and pet friendly cleaning solutions;
  • The possibility to order same day carpet cleaning;
  • Five-star customer service;
  • Cleaning appointments at the best date and time for you;
  • Guaranteed disinfection;
  • The highest chances of smell and stain removal;
  • The option to order after-care Stain Protection spray;

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Over the years, our professional carpet cleaning company has performed over 80,000 carpet cleaning services in London. They have attended extensive training courses, whilst continuing to undergo new ones, in order to hone their skill sets. The knowledge gained allows them to be the best carpet cleaners available, always performing a great job on your carpets.

Hot water extraction is the most effective cleaning method for removing stains and disinfecting your carpets. An industrial machine sprays hot water deep into your carpet fibres under pressure, then extracts most of the water used. All physically removable by cleaning stains will be removed by this cleaning process.

The machines we operate with have several settings for water pressure and temperature. This enables our professional staff to perform deep cleaning of carpets made of artificial or natural materials. We are a certified WoolSafe company, and we will never use high water temperature on your woollen carpets.

All ProLux Cleaning services involve eco-friendly and harmless cleaning solutions. These products are made by Prochem, a UK manufacturer and leader on the market. Their cleaning products are tested and certified 100% child and pet friendly. By choosing ProLux, you choose the lack of harsh chemicals on your carpets, leading to complete safety for your family.

Our customer service assistants and carpet cleaners work 24/7, giving you the ability to select the date of your cleaning appointment. Our highly mobile teams also offer other cleaning services around the clock. Notable examples of our professional portfolio as a cleaning company are upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and car upholstery cleaning.

Top Rated Technicians

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  1. First, our professional carpet cleaner attends your residential or business property at the date and time he is booked to clean. He begins the cleaning process by performing an inspection of the carpeted areas, to determine their composition and condition. After the inspection, he will know the most suitable approach to the specific cleaning job.
  2. The second step is to hoover the carpet thoroughly with an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is crucial, as the surface layer of dust needs to be removed before the steam machine can be used.
  3. Afterwards, the carpet is pre-treated with a special harmless solution. This product begins dissolving the dirt on the carpet fibres, and is left on the fibres for a few minutes. During this time, the hot water machine will heat up the water to the most suitable temperature.
  4. Once the pre-treatment has done its work, it is extracted by the technician using the machine. Then, he sprays hot water deep inside the carpet, and reaches all the way to the core. This reaches even the deepest embedded dirt layers and removes stains of any origin which are physically removable.
  5. For the germs, odours and stains affecting your carpet, we apply professional harmless cleaning solutions by Prochem. These are the highest quality products available on the cleaning market, capable of dealing with any issues.
  6. Approximately 90% of the total amount of water used during the cleaning process is extracted with the dirt and stain remnants. This greatly shortens the drying time of the carpet, and it takes only between 2 and 4 hours to dry. This may vary based on the weather, the condition and how well the room is aired and heated.
  7. Optionally, your carpet fibres can be stain protected by our professional, using a special spray solution. This spray creates an invisible layer on the surface, which will make new spillages easier for removal. Its duration is based on carpet use, and it also prevents deformities from the sun.

Once your carpet has been deeply cleaned, you will immediately notice the difference. The stains which were physically removable will have been extracted by the cleaning. The fibres will be fully disinfected and refreshed, left in their best possible state.

Tenancy Cleaning

If you are moving in or out of a rental property, the agency may request it to be professionally cleaned. ProLux emergency teams allow you to order same day tenancy carpet cleaning services, so you can safely claim your deposit back. Take advantage of the efficiency of our tenancy cleaners, available for tenancy flat and house cleaning of carpets. We also offer after builders cleaning services, 7 days a week, available even on short notice.

Apart from carpet deep steam cleaning in London, we offer other professional cleaning services. Our experts also perform steam upholstery and mattress cleaning, using the same equipment and eco-friendly products.

The only type of carpet which manufacturers advise to be dry cleaned is sisal, a special natural fibre weave. Contact our professionals to find out what you should look for if you have this type of textile flooring.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Frequently Asked Questions

ProLux Cleaning does have Public Liability Insurance and is also a certified member of “The WoolSafe Organisation”.

It is highly recommended to order deep cleaning of your home carpets at least once every 6 months. For commercial carpeted areas, it is advisory to get them cleaned at least once per season. This frequency may be lower if you take advantage of the incredible after-care Stain Protection service.

The time needed depends on the areas to be cleaned and mostly on the condition. If it's an end of tenancy cleaning, for example, the job would like take more due to built-up stains. On the other hand, carpets which get cleaned more frequently do not require as much time spent on them.

The price provided is based on the number of rooms in question, their sizes and the overall condition of the carpet.

Yes, we can effectively clean both natural and synthetic carpet fibres.

Most experts recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Homes with children and pets, should consider steam cleaning services even more frequently.

As just mentioned, most experts use high quality eco-friendly solutions, which are non-toxic and safe for children and domestic animals.

Absolutely, as steam cleaning is the best way to disinfect a wall-to-wall carpet perfectly. It is also one of the most efficient stain removal techniques on the cleaning market.

Shampoo cleaning involves self-agitating products which do the heavy lifting on their own. Steam cleaning involves a powerful machine spraying heated water under high pressure, assisted by cleaning solutions. Both methods are effective, but steam cleaning is the preferred technique, as it achieves better results with less drying time for the carpet.

If the carpet fibres are suitable for the cleaning method, there is no chance of that happening. However, you should always consult a professional cleaning company if you are unsure whether your carpet can be steamed.

Deep Steam Cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is the most efficient cleaning technique on the market. It is unrivalled at stain removal and disinfection, and has the shortest drying time of all water-based cleaning methods. Manufacturers recommend having your carpets deep cleaned every few months, with frequency based on traffic on the carpeted areas, and whether there are children or pets in the property.

Our Clients Say it Best

ProLux Cleaning are now our go-to company for carpet steam cleaning! Really efficient, polite and just straight to the point. Fantastic all around!

Suzan Gressier
Suzan Gressier
16 Feb

Excellent service all around! My living room carpet is now spotless and I’d have no doubt recommending them to anyone.

Rachel Kensell
Rachel Kensell
12 Apr

Having my carpets steam cleaned was on my to-do list for a while. I chose ProLux as they were local and with reasonable pricing. I definitely wasn’t disappointed as my carpets really haven’t looked this good in years. Will be using them again next year for sure!

Andrew Gregory
Andrew Gregory
8 Feb


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