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Prolux has long been known as a well-established leader in delivering carpet cleaning services in the West London area. With more than 10 years of experience and dedicated professional cleaners, Prolux is a guarantee for top quality cleaning services! We are proud to have thousands of regular clients throughout West London, who benefit from our exceptional services at affordable prices. All the members of our team have gone through monthly training courses in order to improve their cleaning performance. For your security, all our technicians and vehicles are branded, so you can tell apart one of our operatives at first glance!

Reliable WEST LONDON Carpet Cleaning Services

And since ProLux Carpet Cleaning is a result-oriented company, we spare a large amount of time in the training of our cleaning staff. As a reputable company, we are a proud member of WoolSafe, and our teams of high quality carpet cleaners attend their courses on a regular basis. We have

steam carpet cleaning

developed a system of specialized services, including the most precise and efficient method of deep cleaning – steam carpet cleaning. For this almost magical method of cleaning, our technicians are using the most advanced and expensive pieces of equipment, available on the market – the ProChem and Ninja commercial hot water extractors. These machines are perfect for use on all kinds of upholstery, carpets and rugs – natural materials like wool, artificial fibres and rugs made out of recycled plastic bottles – all those are perfectly suitable to be cleaned with our high-class equipment. The reasons for this method of cleaning to be so effective are its adjustable temperature and pressure. The temperature of the water is crucial when treating a natural wool fitted carpet – if the water is too hot the material will shrink, so the usual carpet steam cleaning equipment will not work here! Also – in case a thick mattress is being cleaned – the hot water west london carpet cleaningpenetrates deep inside the mattress and with the help of the detergents in it, it kills all bacteria, germs and allergens! But on completion, all this dirty water has to be extracted, and with the usual equipment that is used by most cleaning companies this is just not possible! Their equipment just doesn’t have enough suction power to get all the moisture out from deep inside the material of the mattress. And this principle is valid for all types of fabrics or materials available on today’s market – with the adjustable features of our high class equipment, the ProLux Cleaning stain removal specialists are prepared for just everything – from old blood stains on a traffic area of a hotel’s lobby to the carpet in your home’s kitchen, stained by numerous spills and food drops – ProLux Cleaning is here to handle everything for its West London clients!


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Over time and after constant using of the carpets, fibres trap dirt, soil, germs, and other particles deep inside, which can discolour the carpet. The only way to prevent permanent staining from dirt and other particles is to get professional deep cleaning for stain removal purposes.

Professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended to be performed annually or every 3-4 months if you have pets or children. Most real estate agencies require that professional carpet cleaning be completed as part of the rental period. Depending on their requirements, there are two methods for carpet cleaning - steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. The difference between the two is that one uses hot water to thoroughly clean the fibers of the carpet, and the other uses “dry cleaning” that does not include water.

Steam Carpet Cleaning west london

Steam cleaning does not include real “steam,” but instead, hot water is used to thoroughly clean and disinfect the carpet. In this method, hot water is sprayed onto the carpet and then immediately extracted (vacuum cleaned). This carpet cleaning method provides a more thorough sanitization and is the method highly recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Regular steam carpet cleaning not only keeps your carpets and rugs clean, but also helps maintain good health at home. A dirty carpet can hold several air pollutants, including pet dander and dust, which can cause allergies.

Regularly steam cleaning the carpet can remove dust, dirt, and bacteria that have penetrated deep into the fibres of the carpet. This will ensure a clean and healthy home.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Advantages

The greatest advantage of dry carpet cleaning is that the carpet is ready to use immediately after the cleaning procedure is over. In addition, the equipment is lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it can be used for cleaning in blocks of flats that have several flights of stairs and no lift. The main disadvantage of dry carpet cleaning is that it does not provide a deep, thorough disinfection. This means that it is less effective at stain removal. Dry cleaning only really refreshes and cleans the top layer of dirt and does not reach the bottom of the carpet.

most recommended carpet cleaning method

The reason we, as a professional West London carpet cleaning company with many years of experience in the industry, endorse the Deep Steam carpet cleaning with an extraction method, is that it is simply unrivaled for stain removal purposes. The combination of the high-powered equipment which penetrates deeply inside, down to the very core of the fibres, along with the chemical compounds, means that high quality work is guaranteed, and the cleaned carpet will be in its best possible condition after the great service is performed. We have already dealt with the vast majority of typical issues on a daily basis, 7 days a week, over the past decade, and all of our certified professional cleaners know how to best approach every specific carpet cleaning situation. The stains on your carpet have no chance to stand up against our deep steam carpet cleaning method! Call our professional customer service centres and book your steam carpet cleaning within the next 5 minutes!

Prolux’s Advice to EXTEND the Carpet's LIFE

In order for your carpet to serve you well for many years, you need to pay attention to its regular cleaning. It is absolutely necessary to vacuum it at least twice a week, and to deep clean it once every six months. If you have pets or someone from your family suffers from dust allergies, you need to contact professional cleaners once every three months.

Deep carpet cleaning West London is helpful for coping with germs and bacteria on your carpet. Steam carpet cleaning procedure eliminates all the living bacteria, leaving the carpet safe for your children to play on. Furthermore – regular carpet cleaning performed by experts extends the service life of your carpet and is an excellent way to revive its colours and to achieve stain removal!

Drying TIME of Your Carpeted Flooring

With steam carpet cleaning method, you can use the carpet almost immediately. Eighty percent of the water is extracted with the help of the powerful machines which we are using in each great service. The time needed for a carpet to completely dry depends also on the weather conditions and the condition of the carper prior the cleaning service. In the warmer period of the year, however, one hour is enough for the carpet to dry completely.

Factors that affect drying time include air temperature, humidity, and the amount of air flow. High humidity is very common in the colder months and this can affect the drying time. High humidity means more moisture in the air, which can mean longer drying time. Carpet drying time can be reduced by turning on the fans and opening windows and doors to ensure maximum air circulation.

ProLux - the №1 CARPET Cleaning Company

It is well-known that there is great competition in the local carpet cleaning sector. For that reason, we make sure we work with the most responsible and skilful technicians in the area, who are fully dedicated to their work. Being loyal, hard-working and motivated makes our professional cleaners the best you can find in West London! ProLux carpet cleaning West London is a company you can always rely on! Our customer service centres and technicians work 24/7, including on bank holidays. Moreover, we are supplied with the most innovative equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not provoke allergies or skin problems.

In addition, we provide a wide range of services to our clients – besides carpet cleaning, we offer top quality upholstery and mattress cleaning procedures, as well as curtain cleaning! By using our professional services, you can be sure your home is clean and perfectly safe for your family!

You can now benefit from our special offers! Ask our phone assistants for the incredible discounts we have prepared for our regular clients and for first-time customers! Book two types of cleaning services and get a huge reduction in the total price! Order a double and single bedroom cleaning, a double bedroom and living room cleaning, a bedroom carpet and mattress cleaning or a living room and sofa cleaning, and enjoy living in a clean and fresh home!

We are a local carpet cleaning service provider in West London, including the following nearby areas: Chiswick,Acton,Notting Hill,Bayswater,Marylebone,Maida Vale,Mayfair,Soho.

stain removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning West London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
floor cleaning services by Prolux Carpet Cleaning West London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Hot water extraction by Prolux Carpet Cleaning West London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Victoria Winkovic

One day I went to the super store to buy a red wine. As soon as I entered my house, the bottle spilled everywhere on my carpet in the hallway. I immediately went to search for a company to clean the stains before it was too late.

I found Prolux Carpet Cleaning Company on the website. I called them to see if they could help me with this emergency situation. They kept me calm and assured me that the stains will be removed if we acted immediately. Later on in the evening, the cleaner arrived at my house and performed Professional Deep Steam Cleaning care on the carpet.

I was shocked when I saw that the stains are fading away. The results were astonishing. Prolux Cleaning saved me the extra money and time for a new carpet. I was extremely satisfied with the carpet cleaning service. I will strongly recommend their services.

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