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ProLux Carpet Cleaning West London is a reputable professional cleaning company that provides it‘s West London clients with carpet deep steam cleaning and stain treating services for the past 8 years. Our dedicated specialists are especially trained and equipped with the latest developments in the cleaning machinery and detergents! With their help we are able to get all the different kinds of carpet flooring deeply cleaned and sanitized, no matter if it is in our client‘s home or office – we service both private and commercial costumers! ProLux Carpet Cleaning is a proud partner of lots of local West London small businesses and international corporate clients.We are experts when it comes to vapour carpet cleaning, but we don’t stop at carpets! We offer a complete assortment for your house or business from rugs, mattress, upholstery cleaning, professional leather sofa cleaning and steam curtain cleaning.Our cleaning staff and technicians are trained delivering highest quality cleaning service that`s eco-friendly and cheap option.

professional carpet cleaning west london

And since ProLux Carpet Cleaning is a result-oriented company, we spare a large amount of time in the training of our cleaning staff. As a reputable company we are a proud member of the NCCA – The National Carpet Cleaners Association – and our teams attend their courses on a regular base. And the knowledge that we receive there is priceless – we’ve developed a whole system of specialized services, from which we’ve developed the most precise and efficient method of deep cleaning known for now – the so called “Hot-Water-Extraction” method. For this almost magical method of cleaning our technicians are using the most advanced and expensive pieces of equipment, available on the market – the ProChem and Ninja extractors. Those machines are perfect for use on all kinds of carpet and upholstery – natural materials like wool, artificial fibres and rugs made out of recycled plastic bottles – all those are perfectly suitable to be cleaned with our high-class equipment. The reason for that method of cleaning being so effective is first – its adjustable temperature and the power of its motors. The temperature of water is crucial when treating a natural wool fitted carpet – if the water is too hot the material will shrink, so the usual carpet steam cleaning equipment will not work here! Also – in case a very expensive, thick mattress is being cleaned – the hot water penetrates deep inside the mattress and with the help of the detergents in it, it kills all bacteria and germs, also eliminates allergens! But on completion, all this dirty water has to be extracted, and with the usual equipment that is used by most cleaning companies this is just not possible! Their equipment just has not enough suction power to get all the moisture out from deep inside the material of the mattress. And this principal is valid for all types of fabric or material available on today’s market – with the adjustable features of our high class equipment, the ProLux Carpet Cleaning specialists are prepared for just everything – from old blood stains on a traffic area of a hotel’s lobby to the carpet in your home’s kitchen, stained by numerous spills and food drops – ProLux Carpet Cleaning is here to handle everything for its West London clients!


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.


Prolux Carpet Cleaning have been dealing with carpets and upholstery for 8+ years in West London and surrounding post codes, also working in the closest areas outside of West London Orbital Motorway. At Prolux Carpet Teams customer fulfillment comes first and money comes second. At Prolux Carpet Cleaning we are not doing a fast, negligible services, but we try to go beyond our client’s expectations! We pay attention to every detail like spot expulsion and carpet disinfecting, so you become a lifelong Prolux Carpet Cleaner’s customer. Our friendly carpet cleaning specialists will do for you:

  • Attend the appointment precisely on time
  • Be in uniform
  • Be easy to discuss with
  • Listen to your requests and your instructions
  • Ask you upon completion, prior to making payment, if you are completely satisfied with the cleaning
  • CHARGE CHEAP /see our competitive prices/

Do not be surprised when you get a quality call from Prolux Carpet Cleaning’ office several days after the job is done.

At Prolux Carpet Cleaning, perfection is our goal, but excellence will be tolerated.

Why choose Prolux Carpet Cleaning west London?

Carpets are one of the dearest household possessions, costing a ton of money. Professional servicing on a regular basis, will save you money and time, and provide you with many years of seamlessly utilization. Steam shampooing cleans a lot better than any other method, in most cases, and on most carpets. As people , who have had carpet cleaning know, hot water extraction method is a more profound clean, extracting loose particles and sand, grit which usually would wear and tear the fabric. Also with cleaning with steam, excelling result would be achieved with spot removal, while sanitization can occur with the cleaning process to terminate all germs and bacteria. Your carpets , for sanitary reasons, are best to be steam cleaned, two times a year, (more often, if you have pets or small children). Your hallway carpet may look fresh, but regularly walking on them, after entering from outside, befouls your carpets. Regular deep cleaning your carpets is not only going to emphasize your carpet’s appearance, but also extend their life. At Prolux Carpet Cleaning we only use professional accessories - well known equipment manufacturers like NINJA and ProChem. Our specialists also use the correct environmentally-safe chemicals, suplied by the same manufacturers. This gives you an excellent results every time and faster drying duration. From small hallways, staircases, living and bedrooms to cleaning large commercial carpeted areas, we’ve done it all - domestic, commercial and industrial. We can send in one technician or a whole team, no matter if it's morning, noon or night, Prolux Carpet Cleaners are at your service.


Sanitizing (Bacteria Ban Treatment) is really a necessity, if there are asthmatics in your family, or if your children have dogs and/or cats that are living inside your property, or if you are unsure of the ex-tenants. Germs Ban is a full exterminating process of germs and bacteria, leaves a fruity odor and is not in any way deleterious to children, pets or plants.


At Prolux Carpet Cleaning we only use professional gauge machines to steam-wash your carpets, not small portables like the domestic steam cleaners you will once in a while fall upon. Our sturdy equipment will give your carpets a thoroughly clean with a reduced drying time caused by the sturdy suction vacuum and output spray motors.

Normally a couple of hours is going to be the drying time of carpets, providing you have opened the premises to allow the fresh air in. Similar to hanging laundry on the line on a windy day, when drying carpets it’s equally principle. The more air circulating in the room, the quicker it will dry. Have in mind that it is not the heat energy that turns the carpet dry, but the air flow.

stain removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning West London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
floor cleaning services by Prolux Carpet Cleaning West London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Hot water extraction by Prolux Carpet Cleaning West London
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER

One day I went to the super store to buy a red wine. As soon as I entered my house, the bottle spilled everywhere on my carpet in the hallway. I immediately went to search for a company to clean the stains before it was too late.

I found Prolux Carpet Cleaning Company on the website. I called them to see if they could help me with this emergency situation. They kept me calm and assured me that the stains will be removed if we acted immediately. Later on in the evening, the cleaner arrived at my house and performed Professional Deep Steam Cleaning care on the carpet.

I was shocked when I saw that the stains are fading away. The results were astonishing. Prolux Cleaning saved me the extra money and time for a new carpet. I was extremely satisfied with the carpet cleaning service. I will strongly recommend their services.

–Victoria Winkovic

Steve Jonson

I had to move out from the property and I had to arrange an End-Of-Tenancy cleaning. Unfortunately the property agency called me to inform that I should also clean all the carpets in the property in order for them to give my deposit back. I was stressed and had to call a friend to ask her for an advice.

She told me that there is a company which is capable of carrying out End-Of-Tenancy cleaning. I called Prolux Cleaning to make a booking appointment in advance. They were very polite when I was booking over the phone. Also the time and date were suitable for me.

On the next week, cleaner arrived at my property and did the cleaning accordingly. It was very well prepared as he was very keen to every detail at the carpet and all the corners around the property.

After that I contacted the agency, they came for inspection and returned my deposit back. I was very happy from the Prolux Cleaning services. I will strongly recommend them for End-Of-Tenancy cleaning.

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