Yesterday my day started as usual – I woke up, got dressed and made a cup of coffee. Drinking coffee in the morning is one of the most pleasant things to do in my everyday routine. I feel like I cannot function without taking a sip of this magical drink. It gives me energy, and it’s not just the taste – I adore the amazing aroma that spreads throughout the entire apartment. I was opening the newspaper while I was taking the first sip of the cup of strong black coffee. Then, the tragedy happened – as I was fascinated by the reading, I didn’t notice I left the cup at the edge of the coffee table and it fell down on the beautiful bright carpet. I spent several months in searching for the perfect piece that will make the atmosphere of the room ideal. When I found this one it had everything I needed – it was a high-quality carpet, with the most appropriate color for my living room – beige - and it made the place cozy and warm. When you step on it, your feet feel the delicacy and warmth and this pleasant feeling spreads throughout the entire body.

Tea and coffee stains

How are tea stains removed from carpets?

Tea stains on carpet 3

Now, my carpet was destroyed. There was a huge stain of coffee on it and I didn’t have experience in removing such stains. I have heart that coffee stains are one of the most difficult stains for cleaning. I tried all the homemade recipes I knew. The first thing I did was to take several baby wet towels and try to clean the stain. Unfortunately, this method wasn’t helpful as the amount of spilt liquid was huge and the wet towels couldn’t soak in everything. Therefore, I soaked the coffee in with a sponge which was an enormous mistake as it made the stain bigger.

Then I thought what else I knew about carpet cleaning from coffee stains. I remember I’ve heart a glass of beer can solve such problem but I didn’t have beer at home. Also, I knew from a friend of mine that a lemon juice can solve almost any problem with the stains on carpeted flooring. However, I had a bad experience with trying homemade recipes for cleaning so I decided to call a professional firm for carpet cleaning to provide me emergency help. Probably that was the wisest thing to do and I should have done this on the first place.

The phone assistant was very helpful and she told me not to worry. Coffee and Tannin Spotter B182 by Prochem Kärcher Group was the product I needed. She was absolutely confident in its cleaning abilities. Their cleaning company recommended this incredible product to all their customers. It has proved to be extremely effective for cleaning stains from coffee, tea and cola.

Tew stains

What should I do to remove coffee stains from carpets?

As I was advised I purchased Coffee and Tannin Spotter B182 by Prochem Kärcher Group and applied it on the carpet immediately. Although several hours were gone and the stain was already completely dry, it vanished on the second I treated it with this spot and stain remover. Moreover, I have to admit it was very easy to use – I just opened the bottle and applied it straight away. There was no need to dilute it and it was rinsed with water without any problem. Also, as a read its instructions I was happily surprised that it can be used for removing such stains not only from carpets but also from upholstery.

You can use it for cleaning the sofa in the living room or even for your car upholstery, for instance. We all know that coffee stains on our car upholstery are quite a usual problem to see, so you’d better keep one bottle of Coffee and Tannin Spotter B182 in your car, just in case something happens. You’d better be prepared for coffee spills in the car and have the appropriate tool to clean them, in stead of relying that this problem won’t happen to you as you are very careful.

Probably you have heart that cleaning berry stains is even more difficult problem to overcome, being compared to coffee stains. The super strong and efficient blend of detergents, acidic cleaning agents and reducers, combined in the perfect quantity make Coffee and Tannin Spotter B182 such a remarkable product. It can vanish easily berry stains, ink and dye spots. If you have a baby or a small child, you can use the product for cleaning vomit and urine stains on the carpet.

We all have faced the problem with urine stains when we started teaching our babies to urinate on the appropriate place. However, it is a long process and you need to be patient. Meanwhile you need to have the right tool to overcome this problem and Coffee and Tannin Spotter B182 is just the tool you need.