Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction

We advise everyone to reread this article and take the only correct decision to the question which carpet cleaning method is more appropriate for their carpeted flooring – dry carpet cleaning vs hot water extraction.

Many sellers of cleaning equipment argue: which technology is better. After all, they are "trendsetters", because it is the sellers of carpet cleaning equipment that bring something new from abroad, teach new technologies.

And already the carpet cleaning companies determine, in turn, and choose the technology or cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning, which they will use in their work. After all, just having tried and worked in practice using both cleaning methods; one can identify all their pros and cons. Only empirically, truth is obtained in this matter.

So, let's try to figure it out.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

A special carpet cleaning powder, consisting of a crushed spongy polymer material impregnated with a detergent, is applied to the carpet. Then, it is carefully rubbed with a special machine (the so-called apparatus for rubbing the powder) with two counter-rotating brushes into the base of the carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction -London

One brush lifts the pile of the carpet, the other rubs the powder. Surface treatment takes 10 to 40 minutes. During this time, the powder absorbs the dirt. The time of absorption depends on the degree of humidity in the room. After that, all the powder is collected by a vertical vacuum cleaner. With this method, it is mandatory to use a vertical vacuum cleaner.

The indisputable advantage of dry carpet cleaning is the low moisture indicator. In dry cleaning, if strictly follow the technology, this figure should not exceed 5-10%. This indicates that the dry carpet cleaning method eliminates the deformation or shrinkage of the product, as well as its discoloration or the appearance of soap stains.

Carpeting can be used immediately after the dry carpet cleaning procedure is over. Dry cleaning can be carried out as often as desired, without harm to the carpet.

In case there are old spots on the carpet, it is recommended to use a combined cleaning, i.e. general dry carpet cleaning and local stain remover.

The only drawback of dry carpet cleaning is its low efficiency. This method allows you to clean only the top layer of the pile, and to get to the bottom of the product microsponges, unfortunately, can not, so this cleaning is suitable for not heavily soiled carpets.

Dry cleaning does not allow cleaning of heavily soiled carpet. Quite expensive equipment and cleaning powder make the cost of dry carpet cleaning high. Some types of cleaning compound (powder) "dust" during application and subsequent collection, because of which the cleaning agent in the form of dust settles on furniture and interior items, which requires additional costs for cleaning after dry cleaning.

When is Dry Carpet Cleaning Used?

  1. You can use this method when you need to clean just a small area from the carpet. It is not necessary to perform chemical wet cleaning of the entire coating, it is sufficient to wash out local contamination.

  2. Dry carpet cleaning is also used for cleaning houses after repair, when it is necessary to vacuum the carpet qualitatively, wipe off the traces of putty, grout, and carefully remove technical impurities.

  3. The method of dry cleaning is relevant when the work is done with a delicate carpet, made of silk, wool.

Dry cleaning technology consists in the distribution of special granules or powder on the carpet surface, after which they are rubbed with a brush into the pile. Particles of special formulations absorb dirt, dust, and then are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Advantages of this method of cleaning are particularly pronounced when processing large-sized carpets.

Quite often, such coatings are used as decoration of office premises, elite shops, entertainment facilities, etc., where the cleanliness and attractive appearance of the flooring create a corresponding image and reputation of the organization. The presence of contaminated, unattractive carpet products can spoil the impression of visitors about this company, institution.

In such a case, dry carpet cleaning will be an ideal solution to the problem. During its carrying out there is no need to remove carpet from the floor surface, creating thus certain inconveniences. By the work piece you can safely walk, doing the usual work. Do not need to move furniture, which can not be avoided with wet cleaning.

The most important thing is that the carpet or coating should not be dried, so the premises will not suffer, and the product will not have water stains and its appearance will remain attractive.

If the carpet has a textile base, dry carpet cleaning will prevent its deformation, shrinkage, which will become inevitable when cleaning with water. In the case of wires and cables under the carpets, the type of cleaning being considered will prevent moisture from getting on them.

It should be remembered that for dry carpet cleaning it is better to use more powerful vacuum cleaners. They can especially carefully remove the smallest particles of a powder or granules with the dirt collected in them. For large areas, special machines equipped with a rotating cylindrical brush are used.

Hot Water Extraction

Steam has been known for its properties since ancient times. Steam is an effective, environmentally friendly, absolutely safe detergent, steam is a universal solvent created by nature, superior in its properties to many chemicals.

The safety of our loved ones is above all for us. Even with daily cleaning it is extremely difficult to overcome microorganisms inhabiting almost any room in our homes. Dust mites, pathogens find their place in the upholstery of furniture, in carpets, in mattresses. You can wash the furniture outside, clean and wash the carpet, wash the mattress, but it is impossible to destroy the microorganisms penetrated into them.

Steam comes to the rescue. It penetrates into the interior of furniture, carpet or mattress, destroying all the living things on its way, while preserving the pile of the carpet or upholstery of the furniture intact.

Steam not only kills the micro flora, it dissolves dirt, eliminates unpleasant odors, which is why it is most effective when used in conjunction with an extractor. For hot water extraction method, we do not use any chemistry, your carpets and furniture is cleaned only with water, such cleaning is called environmental cleaning or eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is recommended in children's rooms, in rooms where allergy sufferers or asthmatics, patients with cardiovascular diseases, and simply people who care for their health. Steam is the safest detergent created by nature.

The use of a steam cleaner eliminates stale odors while cleaning.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner provides the highest quality carpet cleaning. You will be surprised how much dirt departs from surfaces that were previously cleaned by other methods, when exposed to steam.

All in all, hot water extraction method is bio-clean and environmentally friendly. This is the most natural way, which is an alternative to regular cleaning, although the spheres of steam application are very diverse.

With normal cleaning, the dirt is removed only superficially, the steam clears even into the microscopic cracks between the dirt and the surface, removing the most persistent dirt particles.

Another advantage of hot water extraction method: microbes and harmful microorganisms have absolutely no opportunity to multiply, due to this, cleaning by steam is more thorough, hygienic, environmentally friendly cleaning - without scraping and polishing.

Those who choose hot water extraction method protect themselves and their families. Since, unlike cleaning solutions, steam condensate does not leave any trace on the surface to be cleaned, which can cause allergic reactions.

Steam eliminates such troubles as improper use of cleaning products, irritation on the skin, and other health problems that may be associated with the use of cleaning products. Due to the fact that steam absorbs dust in the air, allergens do not circulate and the overall climate in the room is substantially improved.

However, steam cleaning has its own drawbacks - it does not remove some types of stains on carpets and furniture. Also, after this cleaning there may be small spills, since water that does not contain chemical solvents, poorly removes dirt. Moreover, such cleaning is much more labor-intensive, but it has one indisputable advantage - it is absolutely safe and effective in terms of hygiene!

The greatest disadvantage of hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is that it requires a long time (from 4 to 12 hours) to completely dry it. At this time it is not recommended to walk on the wet carpet. It is recommended to clean the carpet with hot water extraction method not more than once in 3 months to avoid premature deterioration of the carpet.

So if you are still facing the question “dry carpet cleaning vs hot water extraction”, you should consult carpet cleaning specialists. Some types of carpeted flooring can be cleaned only with dry cleaning method.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of dry carpet cleaning vs hot water extraction

Advantages of dry cleaning

1) The fastest option - for dry cleaning of carpet, furniture or fabric dries up after an hour and a half after treatment.

2) The most gentle kind of dry cleaning - due to the fact that the surface is not treated with liquid, this method of dry cleaning does not damage even the most sensitive materials: silk, satin, velvet. Moisture of foam or granular product does not exceed 10%.

3) The most inexpensive way to give an excellent appearance to your carpet, sofa or armchair.

4) Dry carpet cleaning will quickly clean the pile from dust and fine dirt, help restore the color.

Disadvantages of dry cleaning

1. This kind of dry cleaning will not help when removing old stains from liquids and food.

2. Dry cleaning is also not used to remove odors.

Advantages of hot water extraction cleaning

1) Hot water extraction cleaning is a deep carpet cleaning method that removes not only dirt and dust, but harmful microorganisms and dust mites.

2) With steam cleaning, you can remove even old stains from juice, coffee, and food.

3) Steam cleaning removes smells of cigarette smoke, urine, biological smells from carpets, sofas, mattresses.

4) Fat stains can also be removed only with the use of a steam cleaner.

5) This is especially appropriate method for people suffering from allergies, over sensitive skin on pregnant women.

6) Steam cleaning is considered to be the safest method for carpet maintenance.

Disadvantages of hot water extraction cleaning

1. When using steam cleaning services, be prepared to wait longer: both the process and the drying of the product take longer than with dry cleaning.

2. With hot water extraction cleaning of silk carpets, a non-uniform color of the fabric is possible in places where there were previously stains.


3. It is not appropriate to use steam carpet cleaning more often than once on every three months.

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