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We are ProLux Cleaning Company, and our professional upholstery cleaning service specializes in Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction and reinstating of the previous look and beauty of your upholstered furniture. ProLux Cleaning is a family company that has been delivering Deep Steam Upholstery Cleaning services to numerous citizens in Greater London since 2006. We have included those professional services due to the high demand and many enquiries we have been receiving from our customers in London. You can find out more by continuing to browse!

steam upholstery cleaningAs sofas and armchairs are used regularly on a daily basis, they could get dirty quite fast. Could this destructive process be stopped? This is exactly where we come in – by providing you with a very high level of upholstery cleaning and maintaining service, restoring the look of your furniture (as much as physically possible) and bringing back the original colours of the upholstery. We, in ProLux Cleaning, use only the best machinery in this field of work – brand names like Prochem and Ninja – the best suppliers of equipment and cleaning solutions in the industry! This ensures the perfect results and customer satisfaction that our clients demand!

Not sure if our company is what you’re looking for, or if we can do a proper clean of your upholstery? Have a specific type of fabric, such as alcantara, cotton, suede or fake leather? Rest assured, in all cases we are able to assist! Just get in touch with one of our experienced and trained operators, via phone call, chat or email, and receive a free quote for our cleaning services within a few minutes!


ProLux Cleaning gives you top results on reasonable upholstery cleaning prices, no matter if it’s for your home or business place – ProLux Cleaning is here to revive to your upholstered furniture!

upholstery cleaning londonRegardless of whether you have just a few office chairs and small 2-seater sofa at work, used to rest and sip a cup of coffee during the few free moments of the tense office life – or if you have a large 3 or 4-seater straight sofa at your flat, used as a more comfortable substitute for the dining chairs – or even if you have a 5, 6, 7-seater (or even bigger) sofa in your house, with one L-shaped corner, maybe two – ProLux Cleaning Services offers the possibility to get it all nicely cleaned, properly refreshed, deeply disinfected and looking as good as new!

If you have a restaurant and your dining chairs need professional cleaning, or the leather sofas in your night club need maintenance – ProLux London Upholstery Steam Cleaning is there to help you! We are a loyal partner of a lot of local businesses and besides that, we have a steady base of private customers – all attracted by the highest possible quality of our services and our top prices, both unchallenged in the whole Greater London!


In ProLux Cleaning, we run a complete background check for all our colleagues. Every single operator in all of our offices across London, regardless of where the office is located in particular (as we do have several in North, East and Southwest London, and a few areas part of Greater London), all undergo field training before they pick up the phone the very first time. They spend a few days travelling to addresses with the supervisor, watching him perform the cleaning, hearing him explain the process to them and the customers, and taking notes. After this training concludes, every single one of the operators is prepared to explain all of the details regarding the upholstery cleaning process to all of our customers, in a way that any of them can understand. Of course, they also undergo additional training for specific situations, receive information on every specific upholstery fabric type (alcantara, velvet, synthetic and leather to name a few) and what the most suitable method of cleaning upholstery for all of them is.

Rest assured that all of our operators are certified, trained and insured professionals, more than capable of handling your order with the utmost delicacy and care. You can get in touch with any one of them during our working hours, either via phone call, chat or email, and know from the very first two sentences that you are speaking to (or chatting with) a veteran of the cleaning service industry.

professional servicesAs for the technicians we send on site to perform the actual cleaning, they undergo even more rigorous training, as they are required to not only know the finer details of the Deep Steam Cleaning method, but also apply the knowledge on an hourly basis, every single day. To date, since the company’s founding in 2006, every ProLux Cleaning field operative has been undergoing training and tri-monthly re-training (for every new situation that may occur to them). All of our technicians are certified and insured professionals, and all of them travel to every cleaning address in a white branded van, wearing the necessary protective gear all marked with the company logo. And when they are on site, just with one look, they can determine the most suitable method for treating every type of fabric, every stain (no matter what caused it), and the sufficient water temperature and pressure setting for more delicate fabrics.

Also for our mobile cleaning teams, our Human Resources Team provides an additional yearly re-educational program that helps our technicians develop their customer service skills. We strive to provide our clients not only with upholstery cleaning and maintaining, but with the appropriate attitude as well! Our teams are always on time and always with a smile – the best possible way to greet a customer!


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £35
3 seater sofa £45
Armchair £18

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Armchair £25
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa from £60

The only additional charges on top that could occur are key collecting fees, parking fees (if our technician cannot be provided with free parking) or ULEZ and Congestion charge.


The fabric restoration method we utilize is developed by our most experienced sofa cleaning supervisors and it is truly efficient in sanitizing the fibres and bringing back the original state of all upholstered furniture or carpet! Removal of all spots and stains that have not caused damage or discolouration (chemical change in the colour of the material) is guaranteed by the usage of the latest eco-friendly products, all made by Prochem, our trusted detergent manufacturer of choice.

Prochem has been on the market since 1974, and has been providing us with nothing but eco-friendly, harmless and colourless chemicals, none of which contain bleach – in fact, everything we use during the cleaning has a next to negative environmental impact, ensuring that it is safe not only for the user, but also for the customer and for the atmosphere itself.

There has never been a case in our experience where any of the cleaning solutions by this company have had a malfunction or caused any issues for our work, and that is why we choose Prochem as our sole cleaning detergent supplier!


You may think that the cleaning of the furniture at home is an easy task and is nothing compared to car upholstery? Just give us a call and you will see how the seats of your everyday car will shine again! Bubble gum, tea, coffee, machine oil and sauce on the seats or carpets – all of them are not a problem anymore, due to our equipment for deep vapour cleaning technique – the absolute champion in stain removing. The only thing better than this is experience – the one thing that money can’t buy! This is why we, in ProLux Cleaning, use only the most experienced and well-trained upholstery and carpet cleaners for doing this type of cleaning. Every type of upholstery is different, so the experience of the cleaners is crucial! And most of our staff has been with our family company since the very beginning more than fourteen years ago!


At ProLux Cleaning, we always try to assist every single one of our customers as best we can. However, in order to be able to do our job properly, we also require some assistance by the customer, in the form of information. Details and instructions are one of the most important elements of our work, and that’s why we highly accentuate on the training of our office operators and our technicians – to make sure that they are all prepared as best they can for any and every situation they can get into contact with. What you, the customer, can do to assist us, is to provide us with proper information on what exactly is your specific type of fabric. Don’t be alarmed if you do not know! All sofas generally come with a care instruction label, and following the written instructions is crucial to the proper treatment of your upholstery. And even if your particular sofa does not have one, all of our upholstery and carpet cleaners are trained to recognize them instantly, and none of our eco-friendly products can cause any harm to them.


Synthetic fabrics are all perfectly suitable for Deep Steam Cleaning.

Polyester – the most common type of synthetic fabric, polyester tends to retain its colour over the years, and is quite resistant to the sun’s UV rays. We at ProLux Cleaning perform Deep Steam Cleaning on polyester sofas and armchairs every single day.

Polypropylene – the second most common fabric type, polypropylene (or olefin as it is more widely known) is very sturdy, and handles heat well. One in three homeowners have a sofa of this material, and the odds are, you’re reading our website while sitting on one right now!

Nylon – nylon upholstery is sufficiently durable, as the man-made material is resistant to heat and absorbs moisture well. It is more often than not used in some sort of combination with another fabric, such as velvet.

Acrylic – this fibre is professionally referred to as “fake wool”, and was previously the most commonly used fabric for upholstery to be found at the exterior tables of restaurants and pubs. It has a decent resistance to fading, and is generally on the softer side compared to the other synthetics listed above.


A bit more delicate than synthetic, usually these can be wet cleaned (with rare exceptions), but based on the assessment of our trained and experienced cleaners, either lower water temperature or lower pressure (or if necessary, both) will be used, and the upholstery will be refreshed and disinfected.

Cotton – the most popular type of natural fibre, mainly due to price reasons, cotton is regrettably one of the bigger dust collectors one can own, but that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable to sit on. While it may be a bit easier to stain, it is nevertheless one of the more resilient natural fabrics.

Wool – more commonly found on carpets and rugs than upholstery, wool remains a relatively popular choice, but it does dry slower than synthetic fibres, and it should be taken into account that its specific fibre does not handle direct heat well.

Linen – one of the more delicate ones, it is worth noting that linen can shrink when washed by an amateur, and is best left to professionals when wet cleaning is a necessity, to avoid causing any damage to your upholstery. If your children are a bit on the feisty side, it is a good idea to choose a different, easier to maintain upholstery fabric instead.

Silk – certainly the most tender fibre type listed in this category, silk is more suitable for a formal office building than a home full of children and pets, as the fabric requires almost exclusively professional care in order to be maintained well. In our professional experience, silk as a fibre is the reason our machine has a 20 degrees Celsius setting. Do note that if your sofa or armchair are more silk than anything else, there is a possibility they may not be wet cleanable at all.

Dry Cleaning Services Only

Below is a list of fabrics where Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction isn’t suitable.

Rayon – the Federal Trade Commission considers rayon a synthetic type of fibre, but it behaves more akin to cotton than anything else, and reacts to water in an even worse way. This fabric is quite weak when wet, and it is highly recommended to only dry clean it, or use a minimal amount of moisture where pure dry cleaning isn’t an option.

Acetate – a very weak fibre type, usually paired with silk, cotton or wool to make it durable enough to be used for upholstery. This alone should tell you all you need to know on why hot water extraction is not the method you should use to clean acetate.

Hemp – this fibre is probably the strongest of the three, but nevertheless, it is not washable with even warm water, let alone hot. The sofa dry cleaning methods, along with spot cleaning only for any and all stains, is how hemp upholstery should be maintained.


A special category on its own, velvet contains several sub variants. While it is luxurious, it is also a tender fabric. Some types of velvet are suitable for wet cleaning, and some are not. Unfortunately, they all look mostly the same. We advise all of our customers to always inform us of the exact velvet type, and if they have wet cleaned it themselves before.

There is a possibility for velvet to become slightly brighter after being Steam Cleaned for the first time, and this is a normal process due to the nature of the fibres. We are always able to refresh and disinfect velvet subtypes that can be wet cleaned, but we do require precise information from the customer to ascertain if it is possible to be wet cleaned in the first place.

Just to name a few: marbled velvet, shimmering velvet, plush velvet, cotton velvet, antique velvet, brocade velvet and crushed velvet. Please do note again that we cannot tell them apart by just a picture, and will require the care label to know for sure if we can Steam Clean it or not. Additionally, all of the rules for natural fibres apply – lower water temperature and lower water pressure, or both, will be used by our expert on site to ensure that the fibre is deeply disinfected and very well cleaned.

And just to let you know that regardless of your sofa’s fabric type, unless it is leather, Professional Stain Protection can be applied to it! And in all cases, our eco-friendly products will make sure the best possible condition is achieved!


Basically, ProLux hot water extraction upholstery cleaning is the same as carpet cleaning – it is all done by the same team of people. A different attachment to our machine and a specialized cleaning solution are enough to transform your sofa and bring it back to life! This is why we developed everyday special offers for our clients – a combination between carpet and furniture cleaning. Call our non-stop customer care centre and get the best price for the same perfect quality!

All of us know that the furniture is the most expensive and most regularly used investment in a home. This is why choosing the right company is very important! Trust ProLux Cleaning London – the friendliest and most flexible company of all! We provide our clients with:

  • 24/7 Call Centre – an expert will give you a FREE quote and a piece of advice;
  • Very simple booking process – confirm an appointment within a few minutes;
  • Professional mobile teams – best cleaning equipment, best upholstery cleaners, best service;
  • Flexibility – you can arrange the appointment to be done in the most suitable day and time for yourself – late afternoons, early weekend mornings, even on bank holidays;
  • 100% customer satisfaction – our main goal is not to match, but to exceed your expectations;
  • Green, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions – latest researches in stains and marks removal and desensitizing agents on the professional market – safe for you and your family, friends or clients;
  • Full business insurance – not been in use yet, but one never knows;
  • Coverage of all London areas – North London, East London, South London, West London and Central London;
  • Additional coverage of all Greater London areas – Twickenham, Uxbridge, Harrow, Enfield, Ilford, Romford, Dartford, Bromley, Croydon, Kingston, and more;
  • Occasional coverage of even more external to London, but nearby areas, such as Slough, Woking, Ascot, Guildford, Crawley, Maidstone, Rochester, Brentwood, Harlow, Hatfield, St. Albans and Amersham;
  • Full business week – from Monday to Sunday, on Holidays, Bank Holidays, whenever it’s most convenient for you – our clients

With regular usage of upholstered furniture, dust and dirt accumulate not only on its surface, but also between the fibres of the fabric. Even if there are no visible spots on your chair or sofa, it does not mean that it is clean. Regular Deep Steam Upholstery Cleaning will ensure the perfect hygiene of your furniture!

If you are an owner of upholstered furniture with removable covers, cleaning will not give you any trouble: wash them at home or dry clean them, following the care instructions indicated on the labels. The situation with cleaning the upholstery itself is something a bit more complicated, since for this you will need a special detergent and sufficient knowledge of a couple of simple tricks.

But please do not use any harsh chemicals when attempting to clean your upholstery, as you might cause permanent discolouration (damage) to the fabric if you use bleach or any products that contain it. If you have a problem you feel like you cannot tackle yourself, it is best left to the professionals – ProLux Cleaning is here to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year (excluding Christmas Day and January the 1st, which are the only two days we do not operate on).


If the upholstered furniture in your home looks miserable and you are considering the idea of buying a new sofa or a couch, then you should contact ProLux Cleaning. ProLux Cleaning is one of the most reliable professional sofa cleaning companies in London, offering the procedure of steam upholstery cleaning in London at a very reasonable price!

If you are looking for high quality upholstery cleaning in London that is accomplished only with safe materials, then ProLux Cleaning is the right choice! Modern technologies we use for the cleaning of furniture guarantee low humidity, which means that the upholstery dries out faster. Fast drying of upholstery is essential for preserving your upholstered furniture in good condition. It's not just about drying, excessive moisture can penetrate deep into the upholstery, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Every procedure begins with an inspection of the piece of furniture that is going to be cleaned. All problems as discolouration and stains are market and then the appropriate product for the procedure is chosen. Our experts use steam cleaning method which is proved to be the most effective method for killing germs and reviving the colours of your furniture.

And just for future reference, we also perform Professional Deep Steam Cleaning of carpets, mattresses, half length curtains and full length curtains, fabric blinds, car interiors and rugs. We also provide Professional Oven Cleaning services as well! We even have an End of Tenancy team!

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

If you’re situated in London, or even partially outside, feel free to get in touch with us to get your free quote!

How long in advance do I need to call to book a cleaning service?

We always aim to react accordingly to your enquiry! If you’re looking for the soonest available slot, our customer support team will do their best to fit you into our tight schedule. If you’re looking to book in advance, you’re likely to get the date and time of your preference.

What payment methods do you accept?

Most of our clients prefer paying by cash and by card over the phone. Of course, BACS payments are also an acceptable payment method.

Can you apply stain protection treatments?

If you’re looking to preserve your items in a good condition for the future, and protect them against further stains and marks, do inform our customer support team or your personal technician on site.

Dry HOST Upholstery cleaning - Upholstery cleaning in London BR
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £35 AFTER
Elizabeth Carter

I am a mother of two children and every day they make mischief on the couch that is in the living room. We also have a pet which makes it even worse.It gets constantly treated with dirt such as food leftovers, chocolate and pets hair.I thought there is not salvation form such horrible treatment. However, one day I found out Prolux Cleaning Company on the internet. I call them to ask if they could provide me with a solution to my problem.Their staff center were extremely polite when I was booking an appointment. On the next day the cleaner came at my house very well prepared. He had a Plastic Protective shoe covers before entering the house. Then he started to clean the upholstery of my sofa using Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction method which removed all the stains, bacteria and smell.I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the dirty upholstery getting brighter and cleaned. It was the same sofa which I was about to throw away. Amazing sofa care and brilliant results.

I will defiantly recommend a five star service for Prolux Cleaning.

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