Powder carpet cleaning products are home cleaning solutions for carpet and upholstery stains. They are best applied when the stain is fresh, and has not dried yet. Use of carpet powder cleaner chemicals is necessary, since they are efficient stain removers. For more information on how to take care of your carpet fibres and remove stubborn stains, please read below.

Timely carpet cleaning gets rid of dust and dirt, as well as it extends the flooring's life. Typically, to clean the carpet, you need to contact a carpet cleaning company. Experienced specialists will conduct the process quickly and efficiently. A professional carpet cleaning service saves a lot of trouble.

However, not every carpet stain requires carpet shampoo cleaning or other deep cleaning services. Sometimes, a powder carpet cleaner, with its particles consisting of tiny sponges, can soak up the pet stains easily. Unlike water-based cleaning methods, the carpets are dry, because they were never wet during the process.

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What is carpet cleaning powder

What are the carpet cleaning methods?

Below is a description of the four most popular ways to clean carpets. Some of these can be done by laymen at home, while others are best left to professional carpet cleaning companies. Before making up your mind on any single cleaning method, please check what cleaning instructions apply to your type of carpets.

How is dry carpet cleaning performed?

Dry carpet cleaning is carried out with a vacuum cleaner or special cleaning machines. It involves special carpet cleaning solutions which are powders or granules. Here is the right way to clean the carpet with a manual vacuum cleaner:

Visually divide the carpet into strips. Especially dirty areas of the carpet should be treated several times. Do movements on the pile and against the pile, and repeat as necessary.

If the carpet has any unpleasant odours, use the following recipe. In a small container, mix the crushed fragrant herbs; add 1 tablespoon cloves, ground cinnamon and soda. Scatter it over the carpet surface and allow it to remain for a few minutes before hoovering the flooring.

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What is carpet shampoo cleaning?

Shampooing is done with the help of professional means for cleaning carpets. Carpets are usually cleaned with special shampoos to remove stains and other issues. They are applied either manually or through a machine, and left to sit for a few minutes. After they have managed to tackle the problems, they are removed with commercial equipment.

Carpet shampoo cleaning is the opposite of dry cleaning, and has many other names. The method is also known as hot water cleaning or steam cleaning, but this may also not apply. Sometimes, the methods with these names are not the same, due to the chemicals being different.

Can my carpets be washed?

Washing the carpet is often done by professionals, although you can do it at home by renting a Rug Doctor machine. Rug Doctor is just a common name for machines anyone can rent to clean their carpets. They are mostly cheaper than calling professionals, but you should be careful not to waterlog your carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Will carpet steam cleaning remove stains?

Professional steam carpet cleaning is performed by experts of the cleaning industry. Their equipment is industrial, with higher power and pressure than steam machines anyone can rent. Most of the companies use brands like Kärcher and Ashbys when purchasing their professional cleaning gear.

Steam cleaning is performed with a powerful machine that heats water to the suitable temperature, then sprays it inside the carpet.

This reaches the deepest dirt and makes it easy to dispose of by the cleaners. Some professional companies offer water extraction to shorten the drying time of the carpet.

The method is very environmentally friendly, due to the primary elements being heated water and harmless cleaning solutions. More often than not, professional carpet cleaners choose Prochem or other major UK manufacturers of chemicals. Their cleaning products are certified harmless for children and pets, and so is the steam carpet cleaning method.

However, caution needs to be taken, as not all types of carpet can be steam cleaned. Some natural fibres require a delicate approach, and lower water temperature or pressure, to be safely cleaned. Always consult professional cleaners if you are unsure how to clean your carpets.

Not all types of carpets should be cleaned with Rug Doctor or other water cleaning methods. If your carpet should not be wet, then you should use the dry carpet cleaning method. For that purpose you need to purchase carpet cleaning powder. A dry hoover will also be needed to remove the powder from the carpet.

What is prochem Fiberdri carpet cleaning powder?

Fiberdri carpet cleaning powder by Prochem offers quick dissolving and absorbing of dirt. Moreover, it is easily removed by hoovering the carpets with a dry vacuum cleaner. The eco-friendly powder does not leave any residues, and does not require drying. This harmless chemical is used for cleaning of any textile floorings which should be dry cleaned.

Fiberdri carpet cleaning powder has a perfect carpet cleaning effect. It removes all issues that can be removed, such as fresh spills. And the carpet can be used right after the cleaning is finished, as there is no moisture involved.

What powder to use for wool carpet cleaning?

Prochem Fibresafe Gold is a carpet cleaning powder that can be used effectively on woollen or stain resistant nylon carpets. The product is certified WoolSafe, and confirmed through testing as harmless to all synthetic and natural fibres.

It operates in the same way, albeit with a core difference in the application and removal. To use Fibresafe Gold, you will need to rent or purchase a portable carpet cleaning machine. The aforementioned Rug Doctor is the budget option, as commercial steam machines can be very expensive.

The recommended ratio of the product is 1 measuring spoon (15ml) per 5 litres of warm water in the water tank. As advised by the manufacturer, it ought to be mixed until fully dissolved in the water before being applied. After the mixture has reached 100% fluid consistency, prepare to spray it into the carpet fibres.

Just as other cleaning product, it should be tested on a small carpet area for colour-fastness and texture changes. Only then should you proceed with spraying the whole carpeted areas with a mixture of this product and water. On a side note, the powder is yellow, with a pleasant green apple aroma.

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What are the benefits of all types of carpet cleaning powder?

Carpet cleaning powder absorbs solvents and dirty particles. After 20 minutes since application, thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Vacuum cleaners with brushes enhance the process of picking up dirt.

Regularly empty the dust bag to ensure efficient intake of the powder. Do not be alarmed if you miss a few powder particles when you hoover the carpet. They will stick to the dirt, and be easily removed once you repeatedly hoover the carpet.

The carpet cleaning powder dissolves and absorbs dirt and stains on the carpet, and is then hoovered out. The powder does not leave dust residues, or any sticky leftovers. It is easy to remove once it has cleaned the carpet.

After the cleaning of the textile carpet, you can walk on them right away. Due to the presence of adhesive substances in this product, the dirt will stick to it very quickly. Afterwards, the hoover removes both the dirt and the powder together.

Carpet cleaning powder is ideal for regular cleaning of carpets made from natural and synthetic fibers in commercial properties. It is also suitable for sisal carpets, which can only be dry cleaned.

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How to use powder for carpet cleaning?

Here are basic instructions on how to apply all types of carpet cleaning powder for dry cleaning. Carefully read the labels on all cleaning products you use, as some powders should be mixed with water and sprayed instead.

Open the package and sprinkle the carpet with powder (approximately 50-120 grams per square metre, depending on the carpet dirt level). You can apply it deeper into the fibres using a brush, or a carpet cleaning disc machine. After 20 minutes, thoroughly hoover the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Precautions: Keep the carpet cleaning powder out of the reach of children and pets. Do not inhale the carpet cleaning powder directly. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with tap water, and consult a medical professional.

If swallowed or inhaled, seek medical advice immediately, and show the container to the physicians. Keep the carpet cleaning powder only in its tightly sealed packaging. Protect the powder from exposure to direct sunlight and heat above 40 °C.