How to Clean Urine Out of Carpet?

How to Clean Urine Out of Carpet?

If you are having a toddler, a kitten or a puppy sooner or later you will face the question how to clean urine out of carpet. Undoubtedly, you know well how difficult it is to keep the house clean, if one of the family members has not yet learned to hold their natural needs.

Wet puddles in the most unexpected places - it's not so bad. It is much more difficult to deal with the flavors that they exude. Particularly affected in this situation are carpets and soft floor coverings, which attract kids like a magnet. That is why almost every woman has at least once faced the problem how to clean urine out of the carpet.

Any material of this type allows you to keep fragrances for a very long time, which for some reason do not disappear, but on the contrary, intensify! So, we need to take urgent measures!

The most promising and the easiest method to remove the urine smell from your carpeted flooring or area rug is to give it to the dry cleaning. Professionals will do all the necessary work, and there will be no trace of the stain and its smell. But this option can be very costly, so few choose it.

Baking Soda

First, you need to take care for the puddle on your carpet. Blot the stain with a rag or napkins, just do not apply too much pressure and do not rub the stain! Try to remove the moisture completely. If it has absorbed into the pile and dry, moisten with warm water and thoroughly blot to reduce the concentration of the liquid.

Baking soda is quite helpful when it comes to removing the smell of children's urine from the carpet. Baby’s urine is not is not as stable as a cat's urine and its odor is not so offensive.

Baking soda perfectly neutralizes the unpleasant odor and removes pollution. With soda and water, prepare the gruel. Brush it into the nap, and after 10-15 minutes, vacuum it (it would be good to wash the vacuum cleaner).


Another way to cope with urine stains is with a mixture of wine vinegar and detergent. In a liter of water add a teaspoon of each component. Treat the "fragrant" place with the solution obtained, and then walk around with a sponge soaked in clean water. If necessary, repeat several times. The product is effective for smells of cat or dog's urine.


If you are curious to learn how to clean urine out of carpet of dark colors, here’s the right way: with a solution of potassium permanganate or iodine. For a liter of water, add 15-20 drops of iodine or on the tip of a teaspoon of potassium permanganate.

First, treat the inconspicuous area of ​​the coating and see if the color has changed. If everything is normal, carefully wipe the stain with the solution, and after 10 minutes wash the area with warm water.

The chemical elements in the composition of the prepared solution do not simply mask the odor, but disengage the salts of uric acid with water-soluble compounds. Only after that they can be easily removed with the help of ordinary water.


You can apply modern shampoos for carpets. They remove unpleasant odors and various impurities. Usually the shampoo for carpets should be added to the water and whipped the foam, then apply the foam on the carpet and wait for a while.

After complete drying, you’d better vacuum the carpet. If you decide to use this method to fight the smell of urine, open the windows after treatment.

One of the most beneficial methods for coping with urine

To eliminate the offensive odor from the carpet, you can use this method. Places on the carpet, which exude the smell of urine, should be sprinkled with vinegar. It will dissolve the crystals of uric acid.

Allow the vinegar to dry. Then stain the spot on the carpet with baking soda. If you pour soda before the vinegar dries, this will result in a quench reaction that will make all your efforts in vain.

The next step to remove the stain of urine from the carpet is perhaps the most responsible. It is necessary to spray hydrogen peroxide on top of the baking soda, previously diluted with water (100 ml of peroxide and water). There will be an oxidation reaction, as a result of which thiols, which cause an unpleasant smell of the carpet, evaporate with oxygen.

Leave the baking soda to stay on the carpet for a couple of hours and then it can be collected with a vacuum cleaner. There will be no trace from the urine smell! This method is suitable for all types of carpet.

If the smell of urine is highly concentrated, in that case, first apply baking soda on the carpet, and then treat it with carpet remover. You can simply wash the carpet on the backyard using powder or other detergents. However, many carpets should not be washed so be very careful whether to use this carpet cleaning method or not.

It is also possible to get special means for removing the smell of urine from shops of household chemistry. They include aggressive chemicals that can cause allergies and skin irritations. Therefore, it is better to fight the unpleasant odor with improvised means that will not harm either the baby or the adult.

The following tips will help not only to get rid of surprises, but also possibly help to prevent them:

  • If you have got yourself a kitten or a puppy, then be prepared that it will do its "affairs" on the carpet.

  • If possible, it is better to remove all carpets for a while.

  • If you think that the smell is chasing you around the apartment, contact professional cleaners.

  • If the cat has an unpleasant trail, then be prepared that it will necessarily return to this place. Handle it carefully. It is possible to get rid of the repeated invasion of the pet with the help of an enzymatic agent.

  • Do not be discouraged if a four-legged friend goes to the bathroom on the carpet.

With the help of these recipes, you can easily get rid of all traces and scents. Especially carefully this should be done if the pet has taken a fancy to the carpet in the children's room.


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